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Bureaucracy: 9
Military Might: 1
Infosphere: 5
Secrecy: 3
Internal Security: 8
Influence: 10
Equipment: 3
Presence: 9

After the corrosion of the United Nation's funding base, and its subsequent peacemaking failures in Africa and Central Asia, the only organization capable of handling world-class affairs was a large law and accounting conglomerate called Anderson. Aided by fortuitous circumstances (the Pacific War) and many governments' refusal to deal with the UN, this corporation transformed itself into the world's most reliable diplomacy and negotiation company. The ultimate neutral third party, Protocol handles disputes between countries, corporations and other entities in a professional and timely manner. It has an impecable reputation as incorruptible, aloof and completely amoral, thereby affording its clients the luxury of international law without the unpleasant burdens of human rights. Protocol is financed by a small fee collected from the signatories of the Protocol Convention and by a negotiation fee for each successful round of arbitration. However, it does not intervene in situations where negotiations have broken down, nor does it have any peacekeeping responsibilities. The only weapon that Protocol can utilize to punish nations which flaunt its verdicts is legal and informational isolation. Protocol maintains the world's highest-ranked Legal Great Mind, Moebius, which has the reputed capability of reaching a just verdict or compromise using any Civil, Common Law, or Confucian Code.

+++Heard the one about Protocol having snatched a truce from the disaster of the Pacific War? What nonsense - Protocol was at that time staffed mostly by North Americans, and their sympathy for China was limited to say the least. Only when Protocol discovered that the Chinese were planning to nuke Los Angeles (where Protocol was based) did they make a desperate gamble. That's how North China remained unoccupied despite having lost the War+++[Endocephalon]+++

Since Protocol is the only respected and recognized international authority with any sort of retributive power, its citizen-employees are treated with caution wherever they go, even when the 'natives' are unfriendly (such as in Japan). [Rule: players joining Protocol receive a +1 Influence Special, but must also make routine Management or Bureaucracy skill rolls for every official mission]