"Now that we've got the pleasantries done and over with....What the bloody, bloody, Bloody, BLOODY HELL are you doing here!?!?" — Fallout

Okay, this is where all the gomi goes. Junkyard of the elites and all that. I'm gonna put up all kinds of dead junk up here in whatever way I want, whenever I feel like, and you're gonna LIKE IT!

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Okay-do-kay-kara-okay. First item on the agenda. Conversions to other systems. Much as I'd love to use Shadowrun or Cyberpunk2020 game mechanics (yeah, right) in Neon Twilight, I can't because that would require a license or require me to sign away my work, life, and first-born son to either FASA or R. Talsorian, and that's not gonna happen nuh-huh.

Until some goddawful smart lawyer-type can explicitly and in full confidence tell me that doing a conversion write-up for changing NT into Shadowrun or Cyberpunk2020 and distributing it free on the net is absolutely, definitely legit and not grounds for a process, I'm not sticking my neck out.

Yeah, I know the current game system bites bullets in your not-so-humble opinion. I know that it lacks the teeth-jarring feel of a 12mm ADPS slug mowing down ACPA goons like toy ducks in a shooting gallery. My advice: roleplay it instead of relying on statistics to think for you. Do you really need precise details on the modifiers to change a fucking spare tire? [-2 if snowing, -4 if drunk, -7 if woman, +2 if man on a date, -1 pissed off at stupid game designers, ...ad nauseum]

The main reason the game mechanics seem, err, stupid is that they've been finessed for the Internet, to put it mildly. I mean, who would want to roll twenty dice? Hope you smart GMs out there figure it out. Make the connection, oh ye fabulous storytellers of infinite insight and confounding target numbers. Hmmm.

"Aaawww, Ma, why'd ya take away my Alpha-level Swedish-clinic 0.1 Essence Tactical Sentient War Computer with Railgun Attachment and +4 SuperSmartGunLink?!?!?"
Hmmm. No Cybernetics. This game must suck. Weeelll, if you're gonna be thaat way, ask your GM. He or She will no doubt promptly respond with such helpful answers as "I dunno", "Buzz off" or "Shouldn't you be more worried about that anvil that's about to fall on your head?" [if he or she hasn't read all of NT], or "I can't tell you, you're just a player" if, by some strange coincidence, you're actually a player. Maybe it's better that you don't know...

Notes about computers in 2038: THEY TALK AND LISTEN. Yeah, you can actually speak to most computers and they'll understand your instructions if the context is right. Tell a computer to find all the files relating to Mr. Mark, and it will do this. Tell it frizz off and it'll take it as a command to go offline. Even dumb people know how to get basic info out of a compad. Try to emphasize this during the game, as it makes the world that much more futuristic.