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Bureaucracy: 6
Military Might: 10
Infosphere: 3
Secrecy: 4
Public Relations: 6
Internal Security: 7
Influence: 6
Equipment: 7
Presence: 8
Technology: 8 (Military)

Initially a large consortium formed from the shell of EuroKonsortium, Securitech, and dozens of smaller self-defence forces which sprang up during the chaos of the New Mutation, the Security Franchise was formed along corporate lines to promote a cohesive, responsive, cost-effective alternative to brutal militias, prejudiced vigilantes, and oppressive government troops. Initially offering its services in America and Europe, the Security Franchise quickly branched out to other strife-torn continents. Wherever it encountered government opposition, it used its image of goodwill and its strong citizen base to pressure politicians, who naturally saw it as a threat to their power of the state. After several initial clashes - most notably the infamous Promskov Incident - the world's governments recognized the military and lobbying power of this vast consortium.

After a period of consolidation and minor retreat in America - where the government managed to restrain its operations in a number of devious ways - the Security Franchise has expanded to most parts of the world, and strikes terror into the hearts of bureaucrats from Hanoi to Dublin. The Franchise makes use of Protocol-supported agreements on Enclaves to secede a small chunk of land and protect it with massive firepower in the initial stages. The Security Franchise's titanic marketing teams first move into a customer's territory and declare it a Freehold under Protocol Section J(iv)-Paragraph 28 of the International Protocol Agreement on Sovereign Jurisdiction. This is immediately followed by the necessary security/military teams even before the transit documents have been approved. Only three times in its history has the Security Franchise been denied transit rights.

++++++And shyte was that a SNAFU you wouldn't believe...picture a equipped-for-bear ex-SAS brigade moving right into a Russian tank road block at Promavskaya Boulevard at FRIGGIN' NOON IN MOSCOW! The footage (rights cornered by Digital Union) topped the global box-office lists for 16 weeks straight, and the extradition teams (legal and otherwise) were kept busy for another 15 months before the whole pile was cleaned up...+++[NovaHuta]+++

++++++Heard they had to reconstruct that section of the Boulevard from photographs. Well, it taught the SF that you can't tangle with a bear in her own cave, yah+++ [Enorg]+++

++++++Yeah, the Franchise may have lost, but customer orders shot up by 1300% that year, and 27 new franchisees signed up after they saw the footage. Not much of a setback, ya know+++[Shenkiller]+++

The Security Franchise, though loosely structured, is a full-fledged Intercon, and as such has a voting right on the Protocol Security Board and has operations around the world. Franchisees undergo intensive training and follow a strict set of procedures detailing all possible contingencies, conveniently stored in a big red three-ring binder which must be kept handy at all times. This Intercon has grown at a phenomenal rate since the war, signing up Mujahedeen in [the former] Pakistan, New Guards in Georgia, Carabinieri in Padania, and Righteous Fists in Cathay. All are united by the common SF manual and doctrine of "Service With a Smile & a Gun."

++++++Although the Franchise is efficient and offers low-cost private security to everyone from the poor peasants' collective in Brazil to rich condominiums in Paris, it also suffers from a 'Soviet Doctrine' mentality which can lead to spectacular cock-ups even when all the paperwork has been cleared+++[Specktator]+++

Members of the Security Franchise staff are considered business-mercenaries and are generally well received by the public. Governments, Clans, and other institutions will display a very cool reception. Franchise personnel are shot on sight in Holy Russia. [Beginning Characters may select an extra Weapon Special due to their long training at Security University in Tampa, Florida]