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Bureaucracy: 7
Military Might: 4
Infosphere: 6
Secrecy: 6
Internal Security: 9
Influence: 6
Equipment: 4
Presence: 8

Founded as a jointly-owned company by Citicorp and Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Interbank quickly grew alongside the Internet and gained worldwide notoriety in the wake of the Japanese financial collapse in 2000 when it bought a third of the bankrupt banks in Tokyo and Osaka. When the US government finalized its official key-escrow national encryption system (named Firewire), Interbank was among the first to adopt and promote the standard despite widespread opposition from various sectors of society. The US government repaid Interbank's loyalty with generous subsidies and federal contracts for financial services, quietly slowing down Interbank's opposition with anti-trust suits, and finally by awarding the prestigious Registry contracts. Interbank grew fat and aggressive during those years, until it broke free of, and then swallowed, its astonished parent companies. With its ingenious branch-less distributed-node network structure, Interbank developed into the largest and most secure bank in the world. Channeling vast amounts of money into the Asian and American stockmarkets in the post-war boom, Interbank harnessed the majority of online commerce. Key mathematical-financial models were developed at Interbank laboratories, including complex algorithms to 'divert' capital flows to certain regions - a breakthrough that was later credited with having immensely bolstered the Pacifica Confederation. Today Interbank still dominates, but its position is being attacked by jealous governments who have lost monetary control of their economies to leviathans such as these.

In today's world of branch-less banks, Interbank only maintains a presence in the Webworks, but makes sure to scatter its physical hardware as widely as possible to prevent disasters. Interbank's webworks are highly lethal and paranoid in the extreme, and even if a succesful hacker sneaks into its systems, the amount of money that can be skimmed is very limited.

+++Rumourmonkey says that Interbank loses something like 5 billion dollars a year, and has no clue where it goes. Best guess would probably be the crime Syndicates, especially the Kombinat+++[Krypter]+++

Interbank's primary assets are its extensive financial networks, nodes and Great Mind models. Anyone working for Interbank is not only wealthy but has privy access to some of these models, which are basically global market trend-setters because of the bank's weight in everything from derivatives to currency-futures. [Rule: player employees get a bonus +1 Wealth and get extra tips regarding investing in anything]