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Bureaucracy: 6
Military Might: 3
Infosphere: 6
Secrecy: 4
Internal Security: 6
Influence: 7
Equipment: 9
Presence: 5

During the wave of privatisation which swept across the European Union at the turn of the century, the Commission (along with national governments) decided to force major European aerospace corporations to finally merge into a single aero-defence combine. The Europeans were being badly hurt by the American giants of Boeing, Raytheon and General Aerospace (Northrop-Grumman + Lockheed-Martin) and wanted a European champion to represent their combined defence industries. In a flurry of activity and subsidies, Airbus combined with Arianespace, Aerospatiale, DASA (Daimler-Benz's aerospace unit), CASA of Spain, and host of smaller companies to form Eurospace. This new company quickly bought most of the European Space Agency's facilities, including the launch sites at Kourou (French Guaina) and in Australia.

Following this restructuring, Eurospace quickly began to dominate commercial satellite-launching and began to expand into space structure design in cooperation with the Americans and Russians. Euro-American camaraderie quickly faded after the collapse of NATO, and Eurospace found itself in bitter competition with not only Boeing but also Golden Rocket Industries, a massive Chinese space company. The Pacific War brought immense rewards to Eurospace, which was protected from competition in order to boost European jet-fighter and warsat production. Eurospace began developing complex space structures in 2025, and has been a leader in innovative Orbital habitats ever since. Today Eurospace designs sophisticated stealth vehicles, weapon platforms, warplanes, civilian aircraft, and many other systems. Eurospace maintains spaceports in Guyana, the Canary Islands, and in the Seychelles.

+++You won't find a more pampered Intercon anywhere in the world, with the possible exception of Zhongguo. Eurospace receives mega-euro from the Commission, and even with Protocol's free trade treaties in effect it still manages to keep competitors from the really juicy contracts. The French especially support the idea of a European champion to promote European ideas...Eurospace just nods and slurps up more subsidies+++[ValutaFish]+++