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Bureaucracy: 6
Military Might: 1
Infosphere: 4
Secrecy: 1
Public Relations: 8
Internal Security: 5
Influence: 5
Equipment: 6
Presence: 7
Technology: 6 (Medical)

Holy Trinity was established by the Roman Catholic Church as a way to promote Christianity in the aging baby-boomer population in North America and in the growing middle class in Latin America and Asia. Holy Trinity is a subsidiary of the Vatican, but in recent years has gained a lot of strength on its own and branched out into the design of advanced medical equipment, even swallowing several large medical firms.

Holy Trinity Medical Corporation operates under Christian values of respect for life, belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ, and an equally firm belief in the controlled application of certain types of medical technology. As a huge independent Intercontinental, Holy Trinity follows its own rules. Among these are bans on abortions, clonal technology, embryonic manipulation, and invasive implantation. A stay of convalescence at one of their top-notch facilities also includes mandatory theological seminars and mass in the evening. Additionally, Holy Trinity refuses to treat serious criminals (and people peppered with bullet-holes and carrying guns will be treated as such), diabolists, Muslims, and other undesirables. If this can be tolerated, then one will recuperate in possibly the best public hospitals in the world, in the most hygienic and pleasant surroundings imaginable. Staff surgeons are always Priests of the cloth, and are normally known as Father-Surgeons. Holy Trinity makes use of the best Regime-legal sensors, prosthetics, Clotis tanks (organs and basic tissues only), nutrient baths, and telesurgical robotics.

In recent years Holy Trinity has become embroiled in the unpleasant sectarian violence in Sapario (Brazil) that has pitted Protestant against Catholic. A spate of bombings and the kidnapping of several prominent Father-Surgeons has angered Church followers, with repercussions on the latest round of peace talks.

++++++One of those fine medical personages purpotedly has his fine mind sucked from him by a vampiric Machine Mind and is even now trapped in some digital limbo awaiting spiritual trial. Still, even net.spirits can be wrong sometimes....+++[Crispin Tefiret]+++

++++++Contrary to many fringer conspiracies, Holy Trinity runs a pretty tight ship, relatively free of corporate corruption and security paranoia. However, the strong moral authority of the Church gives HT a special advantage in predominantly Catholic countries, and it has used it to squeeze huge profits from the people. Oh, and by the way, Yes, Father-Surgeons do drive mercedes-benz, just like normal doctors. Just goes to show that they still remember their corporate objectives+++[Shenkiller]+++

Members of Holy Trinity's staff are respected as professionals and loyal Christians in many parts of the world, though not in Imperial China, Japan, Russia, or Persia.