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Bureaucracy: 5
Military Might: 1
Infosphere: 9
Secrecy: 2
Internal Security: 4
Influence: 8
Equipment: 2
Presence: 10

Incorporated as a charity-entertainment network during the formation years of the Webworks, Digital Union has grown into a vast user-owned virtual reality collective whose product reaches to all corners of the globe. Digital Union specializes in creating 'soft-reality' worlds of a million different flavours, from scenic panoramas to thrilling space operas to steamy romances. Each 'citizen' pays taxes to DU and receives the privilege of creating parts of various worlds, and of playing in any environment imaginable. Thousands of multi-user games flow across DU's cybernetic landscapes and hundreds of millions of satisfied citizens have constructed an untold number of universes and realms. Not only are these worlds super-realistic, they are also so potent that prolonged use can have mood- and personality-altering effects. The virtual full-sensory experience of soft-reality is so addictive and emotionally-satisfying that Digital Union has become the focus of a strange new religion that seeks to bring peace and harmony to the world through a form of mind-melding with the soft-universes. Unionism supposedly has as many as 200 million followers around the world. Unionism's techno-evangelical appeal and visceral emotional foundations are gaining it influence within Digital Union and the religion is growing daily despite angry denounciations by the Church and many Muslim clerics.

As a peaceful entertainment collective Digital Union does not have large forces at its disposal, yet its influence is tremendous because most aristocrats and executives partake of its varied pleasures. Any necessary defences are usually contracted out from SecF. Digital Union is a voting member of the Protocol Security Board.

+++Digital Union rules the hearts and souls of humanity!+++[Krypter]+++

Unconfirmed rumours from within Undernet claim that Digital Union's success is based on it's development of untraceable psychotropic and nootropic algorithms which brainwash followers into addiction to both the worlds, but that the program nodules have violently mutated and caused the Unionist outbreak of religious indoctrination. Wilder rumours claim that a Great Mind has infiltrated the Digital Union metaverse and started a new religion which will eventually unleash its minions in a global religious crusade across the Webworks. Enh, Whatever.

Digital Union has access to an incredible store of information, possibly the second-largest after the Vatican's Libram Dei Great Mind. But the biggest advantage to being a citizen is the huge number of contacts and friends one can develop when playing games and being entertained...for a (relatively) small fee you might end up fox-hunting with the chairman of Eagle Corporation! [Rules: player citizens gain +1 point in the Contacts Special]