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Bureaucracy: 6
Military Might: 3
Infosphere: 5
Secrecy: 3
Public Relations: 6
Internal Security: 6
Influence: 5
Equipment: 6
Presence: 5
Technology: 7

Eagle is not only one of the world's largest industrial Intercons, it is also the premiere American manufacturing enterprise, bringing together government military contracts with high-quality mass-market goods. Eagle produces everything from industrial robots, to warjets, and stands as a locus of American heavy industry.

+++more like a paper facade propped up by massive Amerigov intervention, subsidies, and useless military research grants. Eagle wouldn't be able to stand on its own two legs if it wasn't such a wonderful symbol of American industry. A little political palm-greasing goes a long way+++ [Anodyne]+++

+++yeah, but which other government allows its pet intercon to make and sell military-grade magnetrons on its territory?+++[Enorg]+++

Eagle is a major player in the Global Purchase Networks, and as a modern corporation does not actually engage in physical production, which mostly takes place in Mexico, Hindustan, Persia and Poland. Eagle also dabbles in orbital construction and informatics, but with little success. Eagle Corporation is the principle supplier of tanks, drones, photonics, vehicles, and submarines to the US Armed Forces. Its status as a powerful Intercon also allows it to dominate the international arms market +++without much regard to national security, American interests, or secrecy laws. It sells what it discovers, but at a premium to non-Americans... +++[Shenkiller]+++

Eagle Corporation traces its ancestry to such venerable giants of American Twencen industry as Chrysler (formerly DaimlerChrysler), Lockheed-Martin, General Dynamics, and Nordyne Systems, which were fused together by willing consent and considerable encouragement from the Haldeman administration. The move was ostensibly to create an efficient military-production facility, but later investigations of political meddling have revealed that Eagle was for many years a tool of the Directory - until it went Intercontinental.

Today Eagle Corporation is a leader in robotics, transport systems, chemicals, military hardware, engineering, and construction equipment. It holds a seat on the Protocol Security Board and has large paramilitary reserves drawn from American and local militia units. Eagle is generally viewed as an Americentric Intercon, and its politics reflects its Anglo-Saxon heritage.