The vast northern territories of Russia have seen strange days, but possibly none stranger than those of today, in which Holy Russia has arisen as the champion of crusading Slavonic civilization. After the humiliating Time of Troubles around the turn-of-the-century, Russia began rebuilding its industrial base to attract European corporations looking for cheap and skilled labour. After liberalising and attracting vast amounts of FDI and technology, Russia closed its doors and proceeded with an irredentist policy of conquest which engulfed all of Central Asia. Russia built economic 'national champions' to compete against international corporations, but is now again being left behind in crucial areas of informatics. Russia's infamous crime syndicate of the 2010s, the organizatskaya (also known as The Kombinat) has been forcefully expunged by the new regime, a point which explains the popularity of the government in the face of regressive policies. The Russian Syndicate has moved offshore to friendlier climes in such places Cyprus, America, and has extensive holdings in Scandinavia.

Russian society has taken on Christian totalitarian tones, with politicians preaching morals and enforcing strict codes of behaviour. The country is ruled by a Military/Orthodox Church/SlavonikaClan triumvirate. Government forces are heavily indoctrinated in crusading Christian faith and lore, and taught that their struggle and sacrifice is necessary to save humanity's soul. Infidels are routinely massacred, and the brutal conquests have earned Russia international condemnation and even censure within Protocol. Russia stations troops in friendly Serbia (despite the EU's displeasure), has close ties with Greece, and secretly aids Armenian, Kurdish and Israeli forces in a Machiavellian policy of divide-and-conquer.

The loss of Sakha/Yakutia to Chinese interests in the Tens is felt as a national humiliation, and both countries remain on permanent alert along their shared border. Most of the former territory of Primoskya (Far East Republic) east of Lake Baikal is irredeemably contaminated by radiation, bacteria, nerve agents, and parasites, and is claimed by both Russia and Zhongguo, though the only inhabitants are raiders, nomads, expendible miners, and warlords.

Russian megalopoli include Moscow (Moskva), Petrograd, Volgograd, Novosibirsk, and Omsk, all settled by native Russians and prime industrial areas for Russian Intercons. Despite heavy fighting in the New Territories (a Russian euphemism for the conquered southern areas of Central Asia) many Russians are moving there in search of technocrat jobs and war booty. With the slight increase in temperatures in Siberia and Sakha, thousands have also colonized the far north, creating mineral-extraction enclaves and rebel hideouts.

Life in Russia has changed dramatically. Most people in the cities are well-educated, middle-class wealthy (from the country's mineral bounty), and cosmopolitan. Russians' bane is pollution, as seen from the sickly appearance of many young men who have to work outdoors, or who were raised in unprotected rural areas. Russian fashion, literature, movies, and virtual media are well-received internationally, though the subtle hint of Orthodox 'superiority' seems woven into all their products. Russians are also major military arms producers, good orbital engineers, and excellent cold-weather and underwater technologists.