If ever there was a new Western Frontier, it is Pacifica. Despite the problems of the Pacific Conflict Zone - an area of insurgency against American colonialism stretching from Micronesia to Java - the region is thriving on Orbital trade and freedom the like of which can be found nowhere else on Earth. Pacifica trades in biomass, fuels, and minerals with the Orbitals, and benefits immensely from its policy of Free Flows - the free flow of people, goods, technology and information. Though the wild west mentality of the region dissuades many corporations and intercontinentals from setting up facilities here, the open nature and uncumbered business climate attract countless medium-size firms and entrepreneurs. Pacifica thrives on trade, and has some of the largest capital and financing markets in the world. More astonishing, it also boasts two spaceports, one in Kalamantan (on Borneo) and one in the kingdom of Hawai'i.

Forming part of the Pacifica Confederation, the Union of Australia & New Zealand (UNANZ) is the new Land of the Free. It's business-friendly and Orbital-friendly policies have created great wealth, and the cocky nature of Australians ensures that American interference is reduced to a minimum. Australia may be more mixed in ethnicity than ever before, but it's still a land of the Great Outdoors and of sport-as-philosophy. Although the New Mutation devastated this land as much as anywhere, the Green Slime that slithered across the Outback from a damaged Clotis generator has turned Australia into a giant zoo and theme park for outsiders.

The rest of Pacifica is composed of thousands of tiny islands and kingdoms such as Micronesia, Polynesia, New Caledonia, Fiji and other territories. American territories are usually economically-integrated but politically aloof. Despite a massive influx of immigrants and the creation of limited 'Atoll Cities', Pacifica remains sparsely populated and economically weak. Incomes may be rising, but so are the sea waters as global warming wreaks havoc across the region. Pacifica is also a hotbed of Triad insurgent and American counter-insurgent activities, which occasionally spill out into the daylight.