Specials are bizarre and intangible meta-traits that can be added to a character to make him or her extra-whiz-bang special. Specials are selected during character creation using Specials points and cannot be acquired during the course of the game, nor do they go up in level later on. Specials have to be related to the general character concept - techies would not take Bloodbath nor would killers take Blabbermouth. Specials can sometimes be awarded to especially good players or to players who have gone through a difficult campaign, but this is entirely at the GM's discretion.

Since specials are more in the style of action movies than gritty cyberpunk realism, some people might wonder why we have included them here. The answer is simple : they're fun! Yes, some of these Specials are a bit off-the-wall, but they are entirely optional and do not have to be included in your game if you find them irritating.

Both Guns Blazing
You can use two guns together to devastating effect during combat, as long as they're smaller than rifle-size. Each point reduces the twin-weapons penalty by one. [max 2 points]

You have the amazing ability of taking down unnamed goons and henchmen like ducks in a barrel, and the threshold needed to kill them is reduced by one. [2 points per level, max 4]

Lightning Reload
You can change clips so quickly that it doesn't cost you an action to reload. Spending 3 points on this special gives you the talent of always having/finding a clip for whatever weapon you're currently firing, but only during combat situations. [2 or 4 points]

Your life-long training has made you a master at pin-pointing weak spots and openings in armour, giving you the ability to target specific locations and avoid armour. Each two points reduces the aimed shot penalty by one. [max 4].

Flying Shot
You can move, dodge, leap and weave around while simultaneously firing at your opponents. Your movement-while-firing penalty is reduced to 0. [2 point]

You can dodge and avoid a veritable hail of bullets from unnamed goons (minor characters). Their difficulty is increased by two when you're using this ability. [2 points per round duration]

Fast Draw
Your quick-draw holster and years of training have sharpened your reflexes to the point that you almost always draw first - add +1 to your initiative per point spent on this special, but only on the action when you draw your weapon (1 action). [max 3]

Signature Weapon
You are soul-bonded to a very specific type and model of gun or weapon, and get an additional +1 bonus when using it. [2 points]

Bag Full 'O Guns
You can conceal an amazing amount of firepower in a standard duffel bag or similar container, and your difficulty for getting it by security is reduced by one. [4 points]

Messy Kill
You seem to do much more damage with your weapons than other people, giving you a +1 damage bonus per hit, but also causing horrible wounds and disgusting deaths, which may result in eventual psychological trauma. There's a 1 in 6 chance that everyone witnessing such a gruesome slaughter will lose 0.1 Humanity/Soulforce. [2 points]

Handy Gadget
"Well, we're done for. I knew I should have brought along a quantum-interference analyzer." - Billy Bishop
"A Q.I.A.? Vhy zidn't you zay soh! I alwayz bring vun vith me jazt in caze!" - Doctor Nothing
Your character has a knack for bringing along the darnedest devices and tools to any situation. Need a blender in the Outback? Chances are you somehow remembered to bring it. Make a Handy Gadget test against a difficulty determined by how exotic the required item would be at that location - eg: a chainsaw in a garage would be 3, while a scanning-electron microscope in the Amazon rainforest would be 9. You need to carry a bag/backpack/suitcase of 'mixed tools' with you at all times for this to be effective. [1 point / level]

People can't resist telling you things, especially when you've been captured. Villains will cackle and condescend to tell you their master plans, henchmen will reveal what they heard at the big meeting, and stupid people will slip up and embarrass themselves. This ability will not work if it derails the GM's plot in any way. [3 points]

Criminal Mindset
You're an expert on the criminal mind, and can often predict a known villain's next move as if it were a game of chess (which it can be!). [3 points]

Improvised Weapon
Your dumb luck and lack of training allow you to find and use any improvised weapon (pool cue, barbell, frozen chicken, hammer, whatever) as if you had a skill of 1 in it. Use the same improvised weapon more than about 4 times and you lose this benefit. [2 points]

Hang On!
Whenever you lose your footing, fall from a great height, or fall off something in a dangerous way, you get a final chance to desperately grab a handhold and can hang on for dear life. Circumstances such as falling off a train, being thrown out of a car, or balancing precariously on a runaway helicopter while fighting goons will all qualify. [2 points]

Bad Feeling
"Guys, I've got a bad feeling about this..." - Billy Bishop, FLW
You guessed it - this is a form of danger sense, but it only applies to immediate danger caused by the villains, not to trivial incidental dangers. It is doubtful that this ability will allow you to escape the danger, but it just might give you enough time to prepare for it. [3 points]

"Left. No, right. Umm, wait... Definitely Left."
Characters with this special will eventually stumble onto the place they wanted to be, or where they're supposed to be in the book of destiny. This does not confer any map or innate knowledge - the character will simply eventually find the right way without even realizing it. [4 points]

Jury Rig
Character can attempt to repair or create a device or vehicle from spare parts. This involves scavenging for parts and cannibalizing existing machinery. Jury Rig works with any technical skill such as Mechanics. Even bizarre creations such as a solar-powered flying drones from old cars can be attempted. [1 per point]