"The Devil is cruel; Humanity's striving for perfection is asymptotic."

This is the quick-and-dirty skill listing for people who prefer short lists and shorter sentences. Enough talk.






Covers the so-called Humanities in all forms. Includes Architecture, Anthropology, History, Literature, Research, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Law, Archaeology.

Covers all artistic pursuits as well as artist contacts. Includes Music, Dancing, Painting, Drawing, Sculpting, Singing, Acting.

Covers all the major sciences outside of computers and technological items. Includes Botany, Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, Physics, Mathematics, Astronomy, Cryptography, Geology.

Covers the operation, repair, design and construction of technological devices, from toasters to car engines to robotics. Excludes computer-related devices. Includes Electrics, Mechanics, Electronics, Engineering, Robotics, Nanotech, Aerospace, Vehicle Tech.

Covers mostly software aspects, but also some basic hardware, especially cyberdecks. Includes Programming, Hacking, Repair, Communications, Matrix Lore, Design, and all Hi-tek system operations.

Quantifies your charm, physical beauty, personal magnetism and general attractiveness. Charisma is crucial to making friends, impressing people, convincing others that what you're telling is the truth, and for seduction. Charisma can be raised by plastic surgery. Charisma is often used with skills such as subterfuge, politics, persuasion, style, and interrogation(interview).

Describes sheer muscular power as well as the ability to apply force properly. Used to lift heavy objects, throw them, crush items, force open doors, and to wield large guns such as minigatlings and flamethrowers. Also determines maximum encumbrance and Health points, and adds to damage in hand-to-hand combat.

Describes the quality of your six senses (yes, danger sense/intuition is included). Most often used with Alertness and Forensics, but also handy for Survival, Appraisal, Tracking, Navigation, and Aimed Shots in combat. Perception can be improved via surgery.

Combine Strength + Toughness +10 to determine your Health points. Minimum Health is always 4 points. This may be doubled if you are playing a Cinematic campaign. These total Health points are then divided into roughly 4 categories: Light, Moderate, Serious and Critical. These denote four stages of damage. Each category has a penalty that represents the pain and handicaps of being wounded. The penalty applies to all die rolls until that character is healed.

A character also has Stun Health (equal to normal Health) points that represent the capacity to withstand stun damage, fatigue, and brawling. Stun Health also has categories and penalties, but Stun and Physical penalties are not cumulative. When a character loses all her Stun Health, she is knocked out (or collapses unconscious if fatigued) and any further damage takes points off Physical Health.

Physical Wound Categories
Light -2 Moderate -4 Serious -6 Critical -8

Stun Wound Categories
Light -1 Moderate -2 Serious -3 Critical -4

   Example: Thron has a Strength +2 and Toughness +1. He would have
   13 Physical Health and 13 Stun Health points. Divided into four
   that would make the categories = 4 / 3 / 3 / 3. Thron then takes
   5 fatigue points from running around. He is now Moderately stunned
   and takes a -2 penalty to everything he does. Then he gets shot
   for 8 points of damage. He is now physically Seriously wounded,
   so his penalty would be -6 on all actions.

Healing takes place at a rate of 10 + (2 x Toughness) % of total Health per day (minimum rate of 1/2 point per day). A normal person therefore heals completely in 10 days. This may seem unrealistic but, as every good GM knows, fast healing is essential to keeping the story going and no-one likes to sits around roleplaying recuperation in a hospital ward. If you prefer realism, change that to 1 + Toughness % per day. This is the only attribute requiring a calculator (;). Round off as normal. For Stun damage, the healing rate is per hour instead of per day. Everything all confused now? Good.

   Examples: Stan has a Toughness of +2 and Strength of +1. He has 
   13 Health. His healing rate is 10+4 = 14% of 13 = 1.82 = 2 per day.
   Frank has Toughness +2 and Strength +5. His healing rate is 10+4 
   = 14% of 17 = 2.38 = 2 per day. Pussy has Toughness -3 and Strength -1.
   His healing rate is 10-6 = 4% of 6 = 0.24 = 1/2 a point per day.
   Warman has Strength +5 and Toughness +5. His healing rate is 10+10 =
   20% of 20 Health = 4 points per day.