"There's no such thing as an Atheist in a foxhole."
— Murphy's Laws of Combat

Combat resolution is a bit more conflicted than simple skills. When making an attack, use the appropriate combat skill + Attribute + d6 against the opponent's appropriate combat skill + attribute + d6. If the attack is ranged, the defender can use his best combat skill to dodge. If the attack is hand-to-hand, the defender must use a hand-to-hand skill to defend. Combatants are assumed to be dodging and trying hard-as-hell not to get hit unless they explicitly say otherwise; a person who is standing still has an effective Reflex of -5.

Damage is based on the assumption that the wielder of a gun will be using it to its full capacity - ie, someone with an assault rifle will fire short or long bursts, or a spray to hit several targets. The damage multipliers have already figured this into their rating to save on dice-rolling and decision-making during combat. If an auto-gun wielder chooses to fire a single shot, it's damage rating would be as if fired from a light or heavy pistol, depending on its calibre, and the wielder does not get the recoil penalty the next round. So a bullet from a Barret M50 sniping rifle would only (!) do x2 damage, but snipers usually aim for the head, and this could double the damage again.

Firearms in 2038 are even deadlier than today. Most handguns use 8mm caseless (that's like a 12mm cased round!) which does massive amounts of damage. Exploding bullets, smart bullets, borers, piercers, and incendiaries can increase this even further. In other words, COMBAT IS VERY DANGEROUS. The best defence is either hardshell armour or to simply not get hit.

Damage is a special case in Neon Twilight. In combat the Degree of Success is the damage inflicted. Melee weapons do an additional 1-10 points of damage based on type, while firearms multiply the successes by the weapon type to determine final damage. Damage chart is as follows:

Firearm Damage
Light Pistolsx1
Heavy Pistolsx2
Assault Riflesx4

Melee Damage
Martial Punch/Kick+2
Knife/Body Slam+2
Martial Kick/+3
Big Knife+3
Short Sword+4
Flying Kick+5
Long Sword/Katana+6
Battle Axe+7
Strength is added to the damage total.
Minimum 1 point of damage is taken if the attack was successful.

Heavy Leathers 0 +1 0
Spiderweave +1 0 0
Light Soft +2 +1 0
Heavy Soft +3 +2 -1
Partial Shell +4 +3 -2
Full Hardshell +5 +3 -3
BAL = ballistic protection against firearms
MEL = melee protection against weapons, swords, etc.
PEN = penalty to Reflex for all physical actions
The first two can be overlaid.

Range Modifiers
+3 Point-Blank
+1 Close range (within 5 metres)
+0 Normal range (5-20 metres)
-1 Long range (20-40 metres)
-3 Extreme range (40-80 metres)
-1 per additional 40 metres after extreme

Flycams can reduce all ranges to Normal when used properly.

Combat Modifiers
Aiming +1 per round up to a max equal to your Perception
Intelligent Targetting Weapon +1 strike only
Recoil -1 per round of burst fire after first
Stabilizers = reduce recoil by 1 per rating
(Cost = Rating^2 x $500)
Aimed Shots
Head -5
Arms -3
Legs -3
Distractions -1
Cover +1 to +6 to defend
Large target +1 to strike
Small target -1 to strike
Target highlighted +1 to strike
Target immobile Reflex = -5
Twin Guns -1 Good hand, -3 bad hand

   Example of Combat : Shenkiller decides to attack the 
   security guard.  Shenkiller's Rifle skill is 7, and his 
   Reflex is +1. The guard defends with his best combat 
   skill, which is SMuG at 5 plus his Reflex of 0. 
   Shenkiller is at close range, so his roll gets a +1 for 
   close range, and another +1 for his Intelligent Target-
   -ting Computer.  Shenkiller rolls a 3, and his Action 
   Total is 7+1+1+1+3 = 13. The guard rolls a 1 so his 
   Action Total (to defend) is 5+0+1 = 6. The Degree of 
   Success for Shenkiller is 13 - 6 = 7 multiplied by 4 
   for the Assault Rifle, for a total damage of 7x4 = 28 
   points. The hit location roll is 11, indicating several 
   hits to the arm(s). The guard then subtracts his Toughness 
   rating (which happens to be +2) plus his Partial Shell 
   armour (+4) for a net damage of 22 points, which is still 

Wound Complications
Whenever a player takes a full 'category' of wounds, she must immediately roll for shock/trauma, which could potentially make her unconscious instantly. Yeah, exploding bullets are a bitch. Life is a bitch. Death is more of bitch.

After the combat is finished, each surviving (as in alive) player makes a healing roll to see if there are any complications due to the highly unsanitary conditions prevalent in most of the world. The roll is usually First Aid + patient's Toughness to avoid complications. Use the chart below to determine if some nasty parasite has managed to infiltrate your liver and will pop out spectacularly three months from now.

As for healing, after each combat the players may roll First Aid + Dexterity against a difficulty based on the damage taken : Light = 8, Moderate = 10, Serious = 12, Critical = 14, Dying = 16. If using Surgery instead of First Aid, lower the difficulties by 2. A positive success regains a number of Health equal to the character's healing rate and stabilizes the patient so that no further damage takes place. Rapid movement may induce bleeding again. Bleeding occurs at the rate of 1 Health per round if the character is Critically wounded.

Wound Complications
-2 Parasitic infection (GM's choice)
-1 Bacterial/Viral problems (-1 healing rate)
0 No healing (doctor required)
1-2 Normal healing
3-4 Rapid healing (+1 healing rate)
5+ Regeneration! (heals in 1 day)

Hit Locations
Damage can be astronomical, and head wounds are usually fatal. This is why helmets and good body armour are so important. If you want to look cool and not get hurt, either learn how to dodge like a fly or choose the Bulletproof Special.

Hit Location
Head 1 x2 damage
Body 2-10 Normal
Arms 11-15 Varies
Legs 16-20 Half movement

Design Notes: I haven't had the time or inclination to finish the full weapon tables yet. It's really not too hard to adapt weapons from Cyberpunk2020 to this game, so why don't you give that a try first. I'm not even sure that people will use this system at all, so I'll be waiting to see if people want me to elaborate on the missing bits (reach, range, accuracy, armour weight, etc.). For now it's up to you to wing it.