First, choose a Concept for your character. This is a two-word combo that quickly forms an image in a person's mind as to who you are and what you do for a living. Examples include: Crazed Vigilante, Vengeful Cop, Devious Manhunter, Cold-Blooded Assassin, Charming Saboteur, Aging Mercenary, Eccentric Datatracker, Apathetic Mind, Reformed Hitman.

Next, write down your character's Specialty in two words or less. This will probably - but not necessarily - be related to your Concept. So a Reformed Hitman's Specialty might be Smugs. A Charming Saboteur's Specialty might be Witty Comments. A Crazed Vigilante's Specialty might be Finding Crime. Other specialties could be: Jungle Expert, Gadgetry, Escaping, Intrusion, Blowing Stuff Up, etc.

There are 9 attributes and 123 precise skills. A character starts with all attributes rated at 0 (average). Add 3 points to your Attributes. Rearrange your attributes as you like by adding and subtracting as much as you want within the human limit (-5 to +5). Remember to have a real-life explanation for why your character would have exceptionally good or bad attributes.

Then distribute 50 points among skills as follows:

  • Up to a rating of 5 for core skills in your Specialty.
  • Up to a rating of 4 for skills related to your Specialty.
  • Up to a rating of 3 for any other skills you like.

    Up to three Core skills can be included in your Specialty. These are easier to raise with experience points later on, so choose carefully. Up to ten skills can be considered 'related'. You can choose as many other skills as you want.

    Your starting money is $10,000.

    You don't get any Specials points, but you can exchange skills or attributes or money for them as follows:

    1 Attribute Point = 5 Skill Points = 2 Specials = $5,000

    Optionally, if your GM allows it, you can acquire Flaws and use those points as Specials points.

    Example 1 : Electro-Sniper
    Alright, so you've decided to make a sniper that pilots combat drones into enemy jungles via telepresence and picks off targets one by one via eye-satellite positioning and tracking. Specialty: Electro-Sniper. She'll need to be fast, keen-eyed, and smart. REF+2, PER+1, INT+1, TOU -1 (tires quickly), CHA -1 (chilly) (net total is still +2, one point being converted to 5 skills). Core skills would probably be Smartguns 5, Telematics 5, Communications 5. Related skills might be Rifles 4, Computers 4, Pilot Helicopter 3, Gunnery 4, and Alertness 3. Other useful skills: Pistols 2, Stealth 3, Shadow/Track 3, Tactics 2, and Athletics 2. Net total is 45, since we subtracted one from CHA. We put 5 points of skills into 2 points of Specials, buying Sharpshooter Level 1. With the $5,000 we purchase a nice McMillan M89 Sniping Rifle with Aware Weaponry Conversion, and wait around until she can afford a drone and computer to pilot the more advanced stuff (gulp!).