What's this site all about?
It's about a Roleplaying game set in the near-future. Roleplaying games are mind games wherein one takes the role of a certain character (like in acting), combines it with storytelling (like around a campfire), and adds dice and rules (like a board game).

Why did you write this game?
Because I was unsatisfied with the worlds described in Cyberpunk2020 and Shadowrun and thought I could do a better job. Since no-one else has written an alternate world online, I thought it would be a worthwhile project.

Why are you asking people to pay for it when there are so many net.books that are given away for free?
If you read all the net.books you'll realize they're either of poor quality or are really short and relate to only one topic ( I do however recommend the Oceanpunk, Morninman's Bioware, and Information Overload books). NeonTwilight is a full world with many details. It took me a long time to write, mostly out of love for the game, and so I think it deserves some compensation. Also, I'm testing the internet RPG market to see if people will bite. If no-one buys NeonTwilight, then I'll drop this project and go back to the real world to get a real job. If it succeeds, then I'll write more supplements and go into the RPG-writing profession. (so send money soon or I'll commit suicide ;-)

Why are there no links to other sites?
Because I don't like being a pass-through site, and it's not very difficult to find all the other major cyberpunk sites on the net.