Mateusz Krepicz (also known as Matthew, and as Prisoner Dragon in other dimensions) is a student, writer, constant Gamesmaster, and occasional film buff. His interests include various roleplaying games from Mage to Talislanta, fantasy and science-fiction literature, web design, skiing, tennis, and camping.

Education includes plenty of geography (Major), basic fine arts, some art history, economics, geopolitics, computer science (mostly as pertains to Geographic Information Systems), history, occult lore, mythology, graphic design, strategic studies, and cyber culture.

Just don't ask him what he wants to be when he "grows up".

Mateusz currently resides in tranquil Toronto, a major Canadian metropolis, where he attends York University. His life ambition is to start a futurological institute.

"..a hurricane of lies, you're living in every day. We've got you coming and going, we assault you with so many contradictory messages, that you don't know what's going on at all you're crazy, out of your mind. You don't know if anything is real."
— Negativland, Brave New Waves transmission