This section is a collection of my opinion pieces on various topics related to the other cyberpunk games, the world of NT2038, or just the near future in general. Some of these are ruthless and some are very subjective. Don't be offended. If you disagree strongly with something I've written here and have a good well-reasoned case to make, contact me by email and we can discuss it. Good reading!

Why de-industrialization in America is a good thing, not a tragedy.

On the benefits of being a micro-state rather than a large nation-state in a fragmented world.

On the benefits and pitfalls of being online in the webworks of 2038.

Another ascerbic rant about the problems with cyberspace in CP2020.

A ruthless dissection of a poorly-written Cyberpunk 2020 timeline. I make no apologies for being merciless in destroying this feeble attempt at a timeline, but I hope you'll at least find something amusing in here to make it worth your while.

Have you ever noticed how cyberpunk authors are amazing at scientific innovations and atrocious at politico-economic developments? Then you might want to read my polemic on why cyberpunk worlds don't seem to make any sense regarding political and economic issues.

The New Global Economy in 2038 will be quite different from the manufacturing concerns of today.

Why War with China in the next century is almost inevitable.