"Cruelty has a human heart, and jealousy a human face;
Terror, the human form divine, and Secrecy the human dress."

There are 12 major Attributes in Neon Twilight. These are Intelligence, Perception, Will, Strength, Stamina, Appearance, Agility, Dexterity, Speed, Soul, Luck, and Charisma.

Keep in mind that all attributes are important, not just the physical/ combat ones. For example: a Style + Appearance roll is required whenever first meeting a person to determine their initial reaction. This will modify all future social rolls with that person. Soul is used to determine how 'human' (or humane) you are, and can also affect social interaction. Luck is rolled for all situations when chance is the only factor, such as games of chance or whether there is a variety store within yelling range. Perception is used to find clues or spot ambushes. Intelligence is used for figuring out puzzles and for dozens of knowledge skills. Will is crucial to resisting psionic attack or to stay alive when fatally wounded. In other words, a good character is a balanced union of Reflex, Mind, Body and Spirit.

Each attribute has a rating of 1 - 10, with 1 being lowest and 10 being the highest for a normal human being. Attributes are combined with skills and the total dice are rolled against a set difficulty. Occasionally a Strength (to lift/break things) or Stamina (to resist poison) roll will be required. In that case simply double the attribute and roll as normal.

MIND (Intelligence, Perception, Will)
The Mind category covers general reasoning faculties, attention to detail, pattern-recognition, and sheer mental willpower.

BODY (Strength, Stamina, Appearance)
This is the physical body which you were born with, and includes sheer brawn, muscle size, bone structure, resistance to disease, fatigue, and physical damage, and beauty or comeliness. Add Strength + Stamina + 4 to determine the character's Wound capacity.

REFLEX (Agility, Dexterity, Speed)
Indicates the reflex reactions of the body. Agility deals with gross whole-body movements such as acrobatics or martial arts. Dexterity deals with fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, all vital to skills such as surgery, photonics, and firearms. Speed determines the reaction or initiative in crisis situations.

SPIRIT (Soul, Charisma, Luck)
Quantifies the various spiritual aspects of being human, such as inner spiritual strength, innate charm and mental attraction, and the quirky property called luck.