"As technology shapes culture, so culture shapes technology."

This section is intended to show a little about how people live in 2038, what clothes they wear, what they do and what gadgets they use. These items are intended to spice up a game and make it seem more alien. Society changes and so should patterns of behaviour.

  • Mimetic Camouflage has gone from military use to civilian application over the last decade. Cars come coated with a layer of electro-sensitive paint polymers which can be programmed with any combination of colours, patterns, or even live newsfeeds. The picture below is an example of a Shang Industries HP-X200 with polychromatic and polymorphic surfaces. Even softcore pornographic pictures can sometimes be seen on teenagers' cars; police rarely bother with such minor infringements.

  • Compads come in hundreds of designs and configurations, the most popular one being the wristband design. The wristband is tuned to your voiceprint and hears commands without having to be lifted to the face. Ergonomic buttons make programming a snap, while a small projector can also be attached to provide 'floating menus' on your retina.

  • Instant Communications are ubiqitous in the developed world and even fairly common in undeveloped countries. So you can call your grandmother in Siberia from Paris for a negligible yearly fee. Long distance fees are long gone; the practise is illegal in the US. [Design Note: no, this isn't a phreaker's wet dream, it's a current trend that is gaining in strength. Your kids won't know what 'long- distance charges' are. Honest.]

  • Jobs are quite different in the future. Since manufacturing has taken the same role as farming (now employing only 5% of the workforce), most people are in the services and informatics sectors. Job descriptions include: simulationist, traffic controller, modeller (creates 3d models), coder (low class, the vast majority are trained only to write a few basic modules), supervisor (supervises off-shore robotic factories), data rationaliser (datarats; trained to optimize code and network flow), datarchaeologist, net topologist (studies the terrain of networks), geomaticist (analyses satellite imagery data), datahound (finds info), environment controller (maintains virtual worlds),

Virtual worlds are an addiction to entertainment that has spoiled the ruling elites in most countries in which the medium is unregulated (Islamic countries regulate virrea strictly). Several US states, among them Utah and Idaho, regulate veeworlds (as they have come to be known) and forbid not extreme environments. Excessive sensory stimulation has been proven to be psychologically addictive, and several lobby groups (such as TrueLife) have been formed to limit the exposure of teens to veeworlds. Digital Union is currently fighting a legal challenge at the World Court that claims it uses subliminal sensory input to addict its users to a sweeping new online religion. The picture below is an example of the fantastic worlds designed by simulationists to distract us from the drudgery of everyday life. Veeworlds are also used by the ruling geriatocracy to channel the aggressive political energies of the young into harmless entertainment.