Governments, Clans, Protocol and the Security Franchise jointly agree on a Research Control Regime to limit scientific research into fields where it may threaten human life. Despite widespread opposition from many scientists and corporations, the RCR is approved by a majority of states.

Secret Irish-UK negotiations end with an agreement handing over Northern Ireland to the Irish Republic to be held as an autonomous zone for twenty years. Unionists howl, but British public opinion is in favour after twenty years of on-again-off-again terrorism.

Development of underwater platforms allows deep-oceanic mining, drilling and warfare - many companies and people begin building underwater boom towns.

Neptunder becomes the capital of the new Pacifica Confederation, which attracts the world's worst and best when it drops all migration restrictions.

Newly-founded lunar colonies in Tycho Under, Novy Leny and Pan Lung serve as military bases and simple mining operations.

The privatisation of most public services encourages the Vatican to set up a medical/health-care corporation called Holy Trinity. Within ten years it becomes the second-biggest such group and services most Latinos, Europeans and Asian Christians.

New developments in plasmotics finally allow the safe transmission of high-density energy over landtubes with incredible efficiency. Plasmotics radically changes the energy sector, turning it away from antiquated oil and gas resources towards more efficient battery/chemical storage.

Russian Crusader forces accused before the World Court of genocide against Muslims in Central Asia.

Daily wage scales introduced in most advanced economies.

Modified exotic skin colours and textures become the rage in Stormbeat throb halls.

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