A period of economic expansion in Europe, Amazonia and North America.

President Haldeman re-elected to a second term with a smaller, but still comfortable margin. New Republicans continue to dominate Congress, while the Reform party loses support as its members are harassed by government agencies.

Hydrogen fuel-cells now power most vehicles and homes, with European and American governments enforcing implementation on reluctant consumers. The importance of oil diminishes, forcing many Arab countries into poverty once again.

Millions of Asian and American refugees emigrate to the ocean colonies, transforming them into cities and farms.

The global network expands beyond the control of its creators, leading some to speculate that its exponential growth will eventually transform it into a sentient entity.

Amazonian Medical Collegium quarantines Peru after an outbreak of the 'cruzo' variant filo virus. Genentech corporation is expelled for failing to use extreme (lethal) measures to stop the biosafety breach.

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