2025 - World Partition

What remains of the United Nations is absorbed into Protocol, while the Security Board within Protocol now represents the interests of major governments and intercontinentals:
USA, European Union, South China, Russia, Amazonia, Hindustan, Pacifica, Azania, Fuji, Digital Union, Eurospace, Rusgaz, Security Franchise, Interbank, Health Services, Amalgamia, American Aeronautics, Red Star, Synthesia, and Eagle Corporation.

American forces continue to occupy Shanghai, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, and Taiwan. Rebel groups, Maoist guerrillas and Loyalist (pro-Beijing) forces continue to wage a low-intensity war against Allied occupation. Pacific Conflict Zone is ignored by other states as 'an American problem'.

Russian Crusade against Central Asian and Iranian armies continues with incredible ferocity.

European economies boom rebuilding Turkey, Eastern Russia and the Middle East.

Allies accept an Iranian ceasefire in the Middle-East as Muslim forces reposition against Russian crusaders.

American troops occupy Jerusalem, Lebanon, Damascus, Baghdad and Riyadh.

Tibet declares itself a free holy republic.

The world's largest security companies, now controlling vast private armies, form the global Security Franchise to increase coordination and bypass restrictive national laws on weaponry and jurisdiction. The Security Franchise guarantees protection to anyone who pays its exorbitant fees.

Shortly thereafter, a Security Franchise batallion defending gas-billionaire Yovy Promskov wipes out a Holy Russian Tax Audit Team outside of Novosibirsk. Protocol acknowledges the Franchise's extraterritorial powers and urges member governments to do the same.

Indian federation collapses into Hindustan (North) and Rajastan (South), and the severe drought territories in the Northeast.

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