President Haldeman elected by a massive (and suspicious) landslide on a tough Manifest Destiny platform, with heavy support from the Heartlanders Association, Christian Coalition, and New Republicans. Historical birth of Imperial America.

American troops under the new Department of Governance (tasked with restoring governing bodies and civic systems) re-establish order in Indonesia, the Philippines, Southern China, Australia, and the Middle East.

US Government - now run by expansionists - begins to reassert control over its wayward and economically devastated states. In a bid to regain lost jurisdictions the federal government passes the National Security Reform Act of 2024, imposing strict regulations or many regions that had declared freehold status. The Act also creates a new agency: the Federal Bureau of Security is now responsible for domestic security, counter-espionage and counter-terrorism while the FBI is relegated to its more traditional role of criminal investigator.

Corporations support secessionist Amerindian claims in the Western States in a secret bid to control Rocky Mountain natural resources. The FBS uses strong-arm tactics which backfire, resulting in heavy casualties on both sides and the formation of an Amerindian nihilist organization.

Eurospace begins construction of an orbital colony as a datahaven and refuge for elite personnel.

American Aeronautics starts a small lunar colony for research purposes; it is soon militarized.

US deploys cybernetically enhanced soldiers to the Pacific Conflict Zone and parts of Central America.

California defies draconian edicts from the Presidency, but after FBS Anti-Subversive units shatter the dissidents' organization it goes underground and forms the Tea Party, dedicated to restoring real democracy to America. As 'punishment' California is partitioned into conservative Anglo NorCal and permissive Latino SurCal amidst ethnic violence.

Nigerian Confederation imposes peace on central-west Africa through bloody repression.

Rioters destroy laboratories and research facilities across the globe. Public paranoia about bioweapons creates a huge wave of xenophobia and the implementation of stringent purification procedures.

Digital Union becomes the world's largest virtual reality collective.

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