2018 - Disasters of War

In a stunning defeat for American forces and a blow for Chinese intelligence, an entire American carrier battle group is annihilated by sophisticated Chinese missiles.

US President Merim faced with outrage and impeachment at home for having 'snatched defeat from the jaws of victory'. He resigns two days later, followed by his unpopular vice-president, and the Executive branch collapses. The Speaker of the House urges Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General S. G. Haldeman to accept the post of interim president on the urging of Congress and with huge popular support. His first action in office is to authorize massive air-strikes and orbital weapon attacks (Zeus-II and Medusa) against the Chinese mainland.

United Nations dissolved on May 3, 2018 amidst threats of nuclear armaggedon.

Thailand declares neutrality and expels American military advisors.

Border clashes between Indian and Chinese forces. Beijing quickly placates India with territorial concessions, as it cannot afford a three-front war.

US employs experimental simex pilotjacks in prototype tele-robotic aircraft.

Renegade Hindu-nationalist Generals in Kashmir and Punjab provoke a war with Pakistan. A brief nuclear exchange destroys the cohesion of both armies, and the resultant fallout devastates Central Asia and the Indus river valley.

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