2017 - The Pacific War

Feb 7
Amid threats of global intervention in the vicious attack on Russia by the People's Republic of China, the North Koreans decide to invade South Korea. American troops only recently redeployed to Arabia are hastily flown to Pusan even as North Korean troops reduce Seoul to rubble.

Feb 15
Chinese offensive spreads to Kazakhstan and Siberia, cutting off the Russians and razing Vladivostok to the ground. Russian troops retreat on every front, but Russia abstains from using its nuclear arsenal, though regional commanders use three mininukes in a futile attempt to stop the capture of the Baikal railhead.

Feb 28
Chinese troops capture Irkutsk. Russians agree to a cease-fire on all fronts. The PRC is now in control of vast reserves of oil and gas.

The Korean War grinds on until March 29, when attrition finally exhausts the North Koreans and an Allied spearhead captures Pyongyang. China threatens to intervene if a buffer zone is not instated.

Japan begins to secretly re-arm and to stockpile NBC weapons.

April 2
China unilaterally declares its Unification Timetable to Taiwan. Deportation policy in effect throughout occupied Russian Far East.

April 10
Radiation (neutron) bombs detonated on Arabian oilfields as Allies advance towards Riyadh. Allied forces withdraw to the coastal regions on April 13. Egypt sues for peace and is occupied. Indonesia threatens to 'burn' Australia unless Western troops are removed from Mecca.

May to August
China blockades Taiwan.
Korea reunited but devastated by war. 100 km buffer zone established.
Russian refugees pour into Japan, Korea and Alaska.
American volunteer soldiers sneak in to defend Taiwan.

Aug 3

In the 'Week of Comets', over 4,000 Chinese (and Asian) satellites are knocked out of orbit by American Medusa space platforms. Americans hope that no ground fighting will be necessary.

Philippines captured by Chinese paratroops within three weeks.

To the outraged shock of Americans, the Japanese Self-Defence Forces are told to refrain from action unless severely provoked.

Indonesia declares for China and invades Australia. Under great pressure, Vietnam also declares for China.

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