Feb 10 - Mideast Water War
Suffering from a general drought in the Middle East, Iran invades Iraq to capture important water sources. Syria joins the scramble to secure its borders. Iraq is partitioned. Border clashes with Syria and Arabiyah incense the Arab world.

March 7
Evidence surfaces that Israel helped to antagonize both Arabiyah and Iran. Border clashes turn to war when Israel sends commandos to defend the King of Jordan from an Islamist military coup. Most Arab League members declare war on Israel.

April 2
Israel slowly losing the war. Calls for US intervention amidst outrage of slaughter of Palestinians in Jerusalem. US officially asks NATO to intervene. On April 3 European Union defense ministers vote not to send troops to aid Israel.

To July 30
NATO remains split. Arab League ceases oil trade to any countries aiding Israel. World's largest economies plunge into recession as flow of oil stops.

June 26
Israel regains air superiority and bombs Damascus and Riyadh. Maghreb Union countries send more troops. Pakistan begins covert support.

Growing hostilities along the Sino-Russian border.

July 30
Anglo-American expeditionary force lands in Tel Aviv, Lebanon and Aden. Heavy fighting on the Arabian peninsula.

Russia uses its oil to blackmail Europe and the US. Refuses to ship oil to countries unwilling to give it trade concessions. China is outraged and tries to pass a motion of censure against Russia at the UN.

Aug 2
St. Louis Terrorist Attack involving nerve agents kills 1277 people. FBI accused of incompetence as Islamic terrorist attacks escalate on American mainland. Federal Bureau of Security created on Aug 10 and given wide investigative and police powers to capture terrorists.

Aug 5
China threatens Russia with an oil ultimatum. The deadline passes, and on Aug 5 China launches a massive invasion of the Russian Far East Territories and Sakhalin Island. India declares for Russia but backs away from a full invasion of China, resorting only to border skirmishes.

Allied troops gaining ground in Arabian offensive.

Minutemen militias slaughter Muslims in St. Louis, Chicago and Denver. Despite a military curfew, little is done to stop the violence.

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