The Orbitals are a cartel of massive space stations originally built by American, Japanese, Brazilian, and Chinese consortiums which later declared Freehold status under Protocol terms and proceeded to create a stranglehold on space travel. Despite American threats of bombardment, the nations of Earth found that the Orbitals received the support of the Major Clans, and as such were politically invulnerable. Each Clan considers their Orbital as a homebase and ultimate refuge for its elite members. The Orbitals are heavily reliant on groundside food and raw materials, which are mainly supplied from the diplomatically-malleable Pacifica Confederation. Orbital technology is based on high-energy Plasmotics, self-restructuring crystal alloy Selenics, and the ability of Great Minds to predict and repair the stations at amazing speed. The Orbital habitats are renowned for being elitist, controlled, stifling, and bleeding-edge in many fields. The Orbitals, in order of importance, are : Olympus, Victoria Station, Taipan, HALO (Housing And Logistics Orbital), Brightstar, Solaris, Habitat 99, and Coriolis.