Protocol hires Security Franchise Peace Dragoons to travel to the Tycho Under lunar colony, breeding speculation of a revolt on the moon.

Synthesia secretly develops and deploys vicious war-parasites (nicknamed 'spawn') to do battle in the jungles of Sumatra and Thailand. The spawn resemble large beetles with spikes and manage to depopulate parts of Borneo before they are recalled and deemed a success.

Immigration to the US and most of Europe is halted. Foreigners must undergo routine surveillance and are denied some rights.

Travelling Syndics act as freelance judges and lawyers in autonomous freeholds and even in Denied Areas such as Alaska.

More Great Minds spontaneously develop within the webworks. GAICA officials claim they have the 'process' under control.

Incandescent plants and parrot-feathers become the hot new fashion statements for the rebellious new boomer generation. Public decency acts are reinstated in most Victorian and Heartland areas. Surcal becomes a tropical paradise zone for teenagers wishing to escape the stifling East.

Rumours of psychically-active 'Espers' emerge in Medical circles. Party of Purity and Flame of Allah troopers start witch-hunts to punish such deviants. US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) denies performing any unauthorized research into the field of mental powers.

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