The New Mutation emerges as the global ecosystems break down beneath the burden of chemical and biological weapons. Scientists' desperate attempts to breed counter-organisms only accerbates the problem. Millions die from new diseases, parasitic infections and crop failure.

The Medical Collegium replaces the World Health Organization to restrain diseases in most developed countries - those who refuse to join are cut off from international travel and are considered Denied Areas.

Japan disconnects itself from the global web and enters a deep recession. Street protests are brutally put down by Interior Ministry troops.

European nations fragment as each attempts to contain the chaos locally. Central authority in Germany, France and the UK collapse for the first time in more than two centuries.

Guerrillas continue fighting against American occupation troops in Indonesia and South-East Asia.

Joseph Ramirez discovers and patents a gerontological treatment based on subDNA fragments which can increase normal lifespan by almost twenty years. He locks-in the patent with Protocol for 30 years and then is never heard from again. Amalgamia Plc. markets the new treatment in trust.

Privatized American Aeronautics (formerly NASA) corporation begins construction of massive Brightstar orbital habitat at LaGrange Stationary Point Five (L-5) as an attempt to establish a safehold for the rich in high orbit.

The Mediterranean becomes massively polluted by radioactive fallout from the Middle-East.

Chinese Triad clashes with Allied occupation forces in the Pacific. Having grown fat and strong from black marketeering during the war, the Triad(s) now declares its divine mission to rid China (meaning Asia) of foreign domination.

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