Auckland Conference establishes the Allied Council to set the terms of surrender to Chinese Bloc forces.

Allied forces liberate Victoria and Shanghai after 3 months of vicious street-by-street fighting.

PLA and Indonesian troops battle on in Australia, destroying Adelaide and Perth in a scorched earth policy.

First use of anti-plastic virus (Shenzhen, Battle of), chemically boosted soldiers (Hong Kong, Operation Pharma).

General Sung Wuxen declares a ceasefire in Southern China despite contrary orders from Beijing.

Protocol negotiators broker a landmark surrender treaty between the newly-proclaimed Chinese Gold Coast Republic and the Allies.

Allied forces bombard Northern Chinese provinces. Chinese troops in South-East Asia fight tenaciously to the bitter end.

Due to intense radiation and bioweapons, Siberia and are Sakha declared no-man's land.

China fragments into the anarchic Western provinces (Sinhiang, Tibet), the totalitarian North (Zhongguo), and the democratic corporate South (Chinese Coastal Republic or Cathay for short).

North Chinese agents release a super-adaptable species of wheat stem-parasite into the United States, cutting production by nearly 50% within the next two years.

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