Russian economic 'czudo' (miracle) brings Russia into the New Century. Russian companies, many of them controlled by the Mafia, dominate global energy and mineral flows.

After three years of economic hardship, Canadians vote to form 'an association' with the USA, adopting the American dollar and agreeing to a customs union. The provinces of New Brunswick, Newfoundland, P.E.I and Nova Scotia are merged to form Atlantica Province. That region remains poor. Free Quebec closes its borders to all immigrants.

Switzerland ascends to the European Union under special conditions.

Australia declares itself a Republic, but remains in the Commonwealth.

Afters years of mis-management from Moscow, the Russian Far East territories form the Republic of Sakha and secede from the Russian Federation.

Islamic extremists topple the Algerian government and declare an Islamic Republic. All foreigners are expelled and the economy nosedives.

Christian paramilitaries announce their presence by capturing several federal buildings in the mid-west - most are ruthlessly dispatched by Delta teams after negotiations fail.

Nigeria and Congo conquer their weaker neighbours; their economies boom as new oil and mineral reserves are discovered.

South Africa changes its name to Azania after Botswana & Zimbabwe voluntarily allow themselves to annexed into the new union. Azanian President Mbeki allows nervous Afrikaners to create an autonomous homeland called Orangeria.

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