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"I mean, WHICH IS IT? Either we live in a free society with freedom of speech in which case communication does NOT have a value because it is a means by which we live, OR, you live in a corporatist, essentially undemocratic society in which information has value and therefore you can't have real conversations because people are BUYING and SELLING what you want to be talking about."
— John Ralston Saul, Channel Zero

Neon Twilight is a strange and sinister world set in the near-future of 2038, when biotechnology has run amok, city-states have reemerged within vast confederations, police states have become prevalent, superstition rules over technology, and ethnic clans span the world. It's an ugly cyberpunk dystopia peppered with doses of hi-tek lo-life amidst the junkyards of the elites.

Welcome to the site, my name is Prisoner Dragon, or Mateusz Krepicz in some dimensions. This databank holds information about a unique cyberpunk-ish world setting called Neon Twilight. For years I played both Shadowrun and tinkered with Cyberpunk2020, but although the rule systems were both lacking, it was the mediocrity of both world settings that most annoyed me. My solution is to create an interesting near-future world that is a combination of traditional cyberpunk, Kafka-esque paranoia, and other weird shit. Unlike other cyberpunk worlds which basically make anything up to fill their plot holes, the predictions in Neon Twilight are based on rigorous political, social, military and economic models. Neon Twilight is supposed to be as realistic as possible while still being futuristically strange and exciting to play in. You won't find any power armour, spaceship battles, cyborgs, or battlemechs here, nor any other childish munchkinny stuff like that. Near future means limited tech. This world is more in the spirit of movies like Kafka, Gattaca, Dark City, Brazil and Bladerunner than Ghost in the Shell or Bubblegum Crisis.

Since I've gone to a lot of trouble to build this site and write all this data, I've decided to make Neon Twilight shareware. Half of the campaign/world will be posted here for free (but not freeware, I still retain all copyrights), and if you find the world interesting, I will send you the other half (in both HTML and WORD/RTF formats) for a small payment of $8. That's eight dollars, what you'd spend on a bad sci-fi book. Neon Twilight is definitely worth it. Please read my Shareware infosheet for more information. Enjoy!

The Chronicles of my Shadowrun all their twisted glory.

A survey of your cyberpunk beliefs. Let us know what you like and hate about the cyberpunk genre.

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A funky map [Jpeg, 245 Kb.] of the Eastern Hemisphere circa 2038. Only shows major boundary changes, ignoring Statelets, Domains, City-states, and Freeholds.