This survey is an attempt to gauge the interests of cyberpunk roleplayers on the internet, to see what matters to them and what they would like cyberpunk to be. When the sample is big enough (say about 100 people) then I'll post the results so that you can see what people think.

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2) Please select (in order of importance) the 3 most important or favourite aspects of Cyberpunk-genre Roleplaying:

3] What do you hate the most about the cyberpunk genre?

4) How old are you?

5) How long have you been playing cyberpunk-genre RPGs?

6) Are you a Player or Gamesmaster?

7) Which product do you play?

8) What do you think of Neon Twilight?

    Just plain boring.
    You took all the fun out by getting rid of big guns and power armour!
    Too much like the X-files with all these government conspiracies.
    Interesting, but needs more work
    A cool new cyberpunk world. I'd like to play it.
    Presentation is nice, but not enough content.
    Decent world, but not my style.
    A masterpiece! I'd love to play this.
    How dare you offend Shadowrun/Cyberpunk2020 with this tripe!

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