"Form determines content. Corporations are machines."
— Keynes

EUMED. GENESYS. SYNTHESIA. QUIZAT. Names that everyone sees on their monitors, passes every day on the road to work, uses in one way or another. Designs that appeal. Devices that better our lives. Products that sell.

These are the global hyper-corporations that live and breathe in the synchronized, digitized world of unified markets and tariff-free borders. Protocol is the key, and ultimate arbiter, of all disputes. Justice is the fine print of the contract. Capital expands, people work, profits slide in nanoseconds through thousands of accounts. Intercons battle in financial credit markets and in media-saturated home entertainment. Business is War, and The World Is As One.

If you're one for economics, read the article on the future shape of the world's economies. Read it and weep - You Know The Future Is Bright©.

One of the best ways to get rich has always been to innovate. Not to invent, because there are quite a few geniuses around when you've got 8 billion people living on the Earth, but rather to turn a useless invention into a profitable product. This doesn't have to involve research or the actual building of a quality product. Marketing can sell almost anything, and the fact that the device works as advertised is often just a minor bonus. In Neon Twilight the Intercons are pure business competitors, absolving themselves of any responsibility to society or the burdens of molding government. Results speak for themselves, and the only results worth speaking about are printed in the quarterly report.

At the cutting edge of biomedical science, microsurgery, and health services1, the EUMED (Good Medicine) combine crosses traditional clan lines sinks its talons deep into the medical-industrial complex that forms the backbone of the modern United States.