"The Light that burns twice as bright burns half as long...and you have burned so very very brightly..."

FUJI PAGODA FINAL SCORE (aka The Tokyo Terror)
# of characters arrested even before entering the Pagoda: 5
# of characters taken out of the Pagoda in body-bags: 5
# of characters taken out of the Pagoda in sealed biosafety body-bags: 4
# of semi-alive characters pulled out of the Pagoda on gurneys: 3
# of characters who walked out of the Pagoda: 1

# of Fuji Joint Forces casualties: ~90 (5+3+1+2+10+....)
# of civilian casualties caused by players: 0
# of civilian casualties in total: ~6000

Andrew Happala: Quickdraw, Cerberus
Brit: Dimsi
Jonathan Carryer: Mr. Friday, Ninja, Businessman
Mike Khouri: Killer
Phil Tucker: Black, Dante
Sandy Thompson: Red Sundown, Process
Scotch: Rigger, Deckard, Wizard
Tony: Rage, Ghost
Vincent Tse: Stitches, Pandora

The Perfect "I am not a bug" Bug tries to take over the party...
Working on microphotonic bug: Step 1 - Take out hammer...
1 Evil Necromancer + 1 Drain Spell = 12 dead puppies, 12 garbage bags
"Just like making an omellete..."; "You sick puppy, you."

DATE: February 17, 1998
ACTIVE PLAYERS: Phil Tucker (Dante), Andrew Happala (Cerberus), Mike (Killer), Vincent Tse (Method)

While Dante and his sammie companion stepped through the Nexus into the Dead Realm, Cerberus and Dimsi were fighting their way through several levels of security in the advanced Powered Armour (Militech M95 Ghostsuits) they had stolen from the Cryonics/Robotics facility. In the Dead Realm everything seemed to have changed radically, with tremendous flows of Dark Mana and a seething energy permeating the atmosphere. All the Sumerian statuary and artefacts swayed and sang in this realm as if possessed. Exploring towards the centre of the exhibition, Dante, Killer and Method (who was rappelling across the ceiling) suddenly came face-to-suit with a huge Power-Armour Titan covered in inky fluids, seaweedy tentacles, and strange barnacles. The Titan immediately opened fire, but it's attempts to mow down the group were cut short by Killer's precise burst- shots into its sensor array. Dante snuck away and encountered a hideously-deformed Fomori creature with a superlong tongue, and despite creative efforts to magically fabricate a monofilament trap, was pounced-upon and strangled.

Meanwhile Cerberus explored the realspace Sakura Museum and, after a preliminary security sweep, determined that the thing to do was to step through the Nexus. But first he created a magical eldritch barrier to protect the GhostSuit's delicate photonics. Finding himself in the middle of combat with an enemy Titan, Cerberus retaliated with heavy fire and eventually managed to fatally cripple the suit.

Killer had fled to reload and regroup and then encountered a woman's face - that is, a woman in some sort of stealthsuit which rendered the rest of her body invisible. Following a predictable pattern, he attacked her and was quickly beaten to a bloody pulp by Ann-Sofie. Cerberus flanked the central Nexus and saw a strange scene: Radiant energy within the Nexus flowed around twin serpents - one golden and the other silver - who themselves twined around a large chalice which was 'feeding on' the oceans of dark mana that were flooding the Dead Realm. The entire ceremony was being orchestrated by a weak-looking man wearing a twead suit, bow tie and spectacles - Dr. Atgill. His features contorted by the insane energy of the Qlippothic Spheres, he struggled to open the rift that would enable the Master Program! As Cerberus approached, he was met by a huge man in a classical Japanese O-Yoroi suit of armour, complete with face mask and twin daisho swords, who with great speed and skill quickly dismembered the entire Ghostsuit! As Ann-Sofie moved at lightspeed to engage this fearsome warrior, Cerberus crawled from the womb of the crippled suit and began casting powerful lightning and eldritch spells to disrupt the ceremony even as EDEN appeared in the middle of the Nexus and initiated the potent Death v1.0 spell to destroy life within the Pagoda! With a tremendous wave of magical energy Cerberus annihilated the corrupted Dr. Atgill and his protege, Alpha, and then proceeded to attempt a very risky woven Spell of Dismissal to close the Rift. Unfortunately he was too late as Death in the Avatar of the Black Rhino (Al-Aswad) escaped the bonds between dimensions and invaded the Pagoda. With a final burst of effort Cerberus sealed the gate, but at a fatal cost to himself. As the sole conscious survivor, Method quickly used his mechanical allies and rigger skills to re-activate the now-defunct Pagoda electro-mechanical network and transported the surviving people down to the Infirmary. The seriously-drained Cerberus, Dante, Ann-Sofie, and Jack Stormond were revived by skilled neurosurgeons, but the invasive machinery used in the process damaged the fragile Souls of both magicians.

Following the release of Death v1.0 into the Pagoda, thousands of people on the upper levels simply ceased to exist, while thousands more died on the lower levels. The partial closing of the rift stopped the hideous massacre, but the Medical Collegium immediately quarantined the entire Fuji Pagoda. As Protocol war-sats moved into position to annihilate Neo_Tokyo to prevent contagion, an emergency meeting of the Protocol Security Council decided to spare that great city in the belief that the problem was localized. Hundreds of Great Mind AIs around the world were deactivated until a GAICA inquiry could determine the cause of EDEN's corruption and provide safeguards.

The surviving players were flown out of the Fuji Pagoda Denied Area in cloaked hyperspeed-subs and taken to an orbital medical facility called HALO, there to await reconstructive surgery and many months of healing. As the Fuji Pagoda writhed in the throes of Death, the Sword Water Clan moved against its rivals in the Red Lotus, and quickly took over many of the operations in Neo_Tokyo, partially with the help of the jewel brought back by Pandora. The Yakuza Oyabun, Shiro 'Sharkgrin' Usaka, expressed the Clan's eternal gratitude by providing the survivors with unlimited medical facilities, access to Scandinavian black clinics for special cybernetics, a massive system-erasure of their records within the Japanese Registry [Arcane +1], and $100,000 each in 'petty cash' for anything else they wished. The Dusklanders, having been saved by some of the characters, have befriended them and promised assistance, but Method has kept all the 'evidence' he collected in the Museum. News of the 'Tokyo Terror' quickly spread within the ranks of shadowrunners like wildfire, and the fame and influence of the team increased astronomically.

Never ones to stop and smell the roses, the team decided to go on a road-trip through the Western States after several months of convalescence, and have last been spotted purchasing puppies in Phoenix.

— MAT-GM (Great Mind), Trideo Live Recorder, Network 23 [10-03-2038]

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